Practical Systems

Practical Systems is a professional organization firm specializing in creating efficient and effective working systems and environments individually tailored for each client.



Sally Thacher has been working in professional organization for more than 35 years. Prior to forming Practical Systems, her experience has included management consulting, economic development, legal research, office administration, and business development.

The staff has been carefully selected and trained to deliver the individualized services with a unique blend of skills and knowledge and for which Practical Systems is so well known.

Practical Systems offers a wide variety of services to our clients. We understand that every project is individual, so systems are tailored to the specific needs of our clients, taking into consideration goals, the data being organized, the work environment, and any other pertinent details. We help our clients to develop the plans and then put those plans into action. By being more organized, you are able to be more effective and efficient in the time that you have available in each day.

Creating order out of chaos
for over thirty-five years


"Practical Systems has put order and organization into a totally chaotic office... Sally is an absolute joy to work with... [She] basically took a totally disorganized and system-less office and set it's staff on the path toward calm and competent management processes."
-- Corporate Client, Print Journalism

"There are no words for me to describe how completely wonderful Sally Thacher is. Everything she did she did with humor, intelligence, kindness and warmth. She got along well with everyone and she made herself indispensable without making us feel dependent."
-- Individual Client

"In all cases she has met and even surpassed our expectations."
-- Corporate Client, Investment Bank


  • General Office Organization
  • Streamlining of Current Systems and/or Processes
  • Individualized Filing Systems​
  • ​Database development
  • Insurance Claims Management
  • Gather and Organize Documents for Taxes and Estate Management​
  • Expense Accounts
  • Special Projects
  • Ongoing Oversight

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